Alex Corbi

Freelance Software developer focused on the conception, design and development of mobile and web applications. Always up-to-date about cutting-edge technologies and frameworks, like to experiment with different aspects of technology and apply obtained Know-How to projects in the fields of Open Knowledge (Open Data & Open Source), Civic Tech and Creative Coding. Exploring open knowledge worlwide with Open Steps

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Hugo Matilla

With more than 3 years in the Business Intelligence sector and another 3 years developing mobile applications for startups and consolidated companies, Hugo has acquired big knowledge and know-how in the conception, creation and development of software applications. He has also experience in UI and UX design and recently he has fallen in love with the Meteor platform.

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Margo Thierry

Co-founder and Community Manager at Open Steps, Margo has researched and documented Open Knowledge initiatives all around the world. With a background in European Politics, she focuses on Open Data & Open Government and how does the technology can improve the relations between citizens and administrations, empowering each one of us. Before running Open Steps, Margo spent 3 years working in the field of EU Affairs as Customer Relationship Manager, organising and managing events on EU-Funds for public administrations and law offices in Europe.

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